Terms and conditions

KM First Aid provides workplace courses certified by SkillBase First Aid and also KM First Aid bespoke courses for school pupils, on request.

Delegates are those persons attending a course (either booked personally or by their employer, group etc)

Training Provider - KM First Aid

This is provided at your own venue and assumes all training is undertaken during one session (i.e. 1,2 or 3 days respectively - depending on the chosen course).

If a delegate is absent for a significant part of the course, a further charge may have to be made for further coaching, if the delegate wishes to complete the course. This would be sympathetically negotiated.

• Group Courses - You will receive an invoice on completion of the course. Payment is requested within 30 days for group courses. 

• Public Courses - Individuals booking onto public courses are asked to pay a deposit on booking and the balance on completion of the course. Refunds for cancellation can be negotiated if cancelled more than 3 days prior to the course. Re-booking onto an alternative course will also be offered.

A deposit is normally required for a group booking, to cover costs incurred by KM First Aid in arranging this course. Individuals attending a public course are asked to pay 50% as a deposit when booking and the balance as above.

Certificates should normally be received within 14 days of receipt of payment, after successful completion of the course.

Refresher Course requirements
If you wish to attend a two-day re-qualification course, you must be able to present a valid, in-date certificate (FAW), issued by an approved provider. HSE regulations now allow a longer gap so please ask for details of eligibility. 

Data Protection
Your data is protected under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. Business information and personal details as provided, will be retained by KM First Aid in order to administer training needs and certification. Where shown on paperwork, some information is shared with SkillBase First Aid, the current provider of the HSE qualifications. KM First Aid is registered with ICO.  

Force Majeure
KM First Aid’s responsibility and financial liability shall be limited to the refund of monies received, in the event of a booking in good faith not being available, if it is due to any event beyond reasonable control of the training provider. This includes, without limitation, malicious damage, failure of a utility service, acts of God, war, industrial disputes, protests, fire, flood, storm, tempest, explosion, an act of terrorism and national emergencies.